Love Luton is going to be holding its second half marathon event on Sunday 26 October 2014. In order to hold this event and to ensure the safety of the participants and motorists it will be necessary to close a number of roads and a number of junctions.

Road closures will be in place from 9:30am and is anticipated to end at 1:15pm. During this time the roads below will be closed to vehicular traffic and will be reopened at the end of the event or when it is deemed safe to do so. No vehicular access will be permitted on the stated roads for this duration. Pedestrian access will be unaffected.  In the event of an emergency then 999 will still respond and emergency vehicles will be able to gain access.

I apologise in advance for any disruption this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.  A number of the runners are raising money for charities including the Neo natal unit at the Luton & Dunstable hospital. Without these types of events they would not be able to fund life-saving equipment and facilities. We would encourage residents to get out and support the runners as they pass your house.

Not only does the race raise money for much needed causes it is also great for the economy with more than 25 per cent of runners travelling into our town. 



  • Barnfield Avenue - The whole length.
  • Bridge Street - The whole length.
  • Bushmead Road - The whole length.
  • Cromer Way - From its junction with Old Bedford Road to its junction with Lorimer Close.
  • Cutenhoe Road - The whole length.
  • George Street - The whole length.
  • Gleneagles Drive - The whole length.
  • Guilford Street - From its junction with Bridge Street to its junction with Old Bedford Road.
  • Hancock Drive - The whole length.
  • Hawkfields - The whole length.
  • Kingsdown Avenue - The whole length.
  • London Road - From its junction with Tennyson Road to its junction with Ludlow Avenue.
  • Manchester Street - From its junction with Gordon Street to its junction with George Street.
  • Old Bedford Road - The whole length.
  • Osborne Road - The whole length.
  • Park Street - The whole length.
  • Ringwood Road - The whole length.
  • Stockingstone Road - From its junction with Manton Drive to its junction with Wychwood Avenue.