We would like to thank and congratulate all of those that took part in the Love Luton Half Marathon on Sunday 26th October 2014. It ran through Luton on road and finished in the heart of the town centre. We would also like to thank both the residents and local businesses in our town that helped to make this possible.


  • 1st man                Darren Deed
  • 2nd man              Stephen Gibbs
  • 3rd man               Daniel Doyle


  • MV40                   Steve Hobbs
  • MV45                   Paul Halford
  • MV50                   Dave Coard
  • MV55                   Chris Lamont
  • MV60                   Alan Weir
  • MV65                   Dave Debnam
  • MV70                   Tony Riley
  • 1st Woman         Sinead Paley
  • 2nd Woman       Dawn Goodwin
  • 3rd Woman        Miriam Tedder


  • FV35                  Liz Rollinson
  • FV40                  Dawn Moore
  • FV45                  Teresa Warren
  • FV50                  Linda Thomason
  • FV55                  Geraldine Dale
  • FV60                  Jackie Popland

Photos from the marathon are available here.

Full list of results are available here.

Go here to download the route for 2014.

Go here for the list of starting numbers.  

Go here for the list of road closures.

Click here to download the course certificate.

Comments from the runners who took part in the Love Luton Half Marathon

“I was a runner today and want to thank you for a brilliant well organised event. I can't stop talking about it to my friends and family what a safe race it was. So well organised, the marshals were amazing , so supportive and friendly. The start and finish was great too, your hard work certainly paid off, your team were fantastic.  The bus service back too needs a mention it was so appreciated! The course was interesting , quirky around the houses. Luton people were lovely,  a big thank you to them for their encouragement along the route and for allowing the roads to be closed , it makes a huge difference. A huge big well done, you deserve it”.

Zoe Ostley


“Thank you for excellent event. I look forward to come back next year”

Sunjay Bhogal


“Extremely well organised and marshalled. This was my 30th half marathon, and a very memorable one.”

Mark Armstrong


 “Well done and thank you for your efforts making today happen, it was a very good event and it was obvious you had addressed some of the lessons from last year! I would say the course was much better in particular for a community event with a couple of the challenging hills not on this years route. The start and the fencing through the town centre were big improvements to the course”.

David Tindall


“It was incredible to run through Luton yesterday and to have a local race like this is needed. As a Lutonian I will certainly be running next year. Please don't be disheartened by it. The race yesterday was much better than last year and I am sure next year will be even better”.



I entered the race 2 hours before the original closing deadline of the 21st October, as I was really in two minds if I should make the effort and travel from Theale, Berkshire, to Luton, and run the race considering the amount of bad press it had attracted last year.  However I’m glad I did it, as I think it was good and the support was great.

Lisa Lai


“Many thanks to you and everyone who helped to make today's race such a wonderful event. All pre event information, the HQ race organisation and the marshals out on the course were brilliant. I spoke to many fellow runners at the finish line and on the bus back and everyone intended to enter again next year and would recommend the event! Well done”.

Nicky Poulain


It was much smoother and pleasant today with the revised course. Will be back next year, and every year after that in support of our home town!!

Chris Carter


“It was a great event and very well organised  and great support from residents around the route. Compared say to the St Albans event where apart from the start and the finish you don't see any spectators just yellow jackets in  country lanes,  well done to you and the team. Best wishes for next years event” 

Chris Leigh


“I was very impressed with the whole set up, the course, the number of stewards, the road closures, it all seemed very professional.  Thanks for all your efforts and all those that helped organise the event. I for one hope it continues every year. It will grow in popularity and should be a way of bringing the residents of Luton together.”



“Brilliant job done by all”.

Ian Dickson


“I just wanted to place on record my thanks to the organisers/volunteers who helped make yesterday's race such an outstanding success. You guys shouldn't have to justify yourself in the media and on Facebook etc the reasons why you're shutting some roads for a few hours on a Sunday morning - I hope this issue doesn't affect the chances of a 2015 race happening. In fact, I'd love to see the Love Luton Half Marathon grow and grow, it would be great for a town the size of ours to have a popular race with a field of a few thousand, and encourage residents to all come out and show their support on the course”.

Chris Lennon


“Thanks for organising a great event. The support rivalled events 10 times bigger. All in all very well organised. One thing I'd say was that for the lead pack sometimes it was difficult to know where to go, but the crowd helped out with that. Thanks, will be doing it again next year all being well”.

Steve Kalclash


“Well done on organising a great race yesterday. It was great to be running in an event in my home town. All in all I thought it was a great race and if it goes ahead next year I will be taking part again”

John Ryan 


“It was a fantastic race which I would love to do again. Very well run, great marshalling & water stations, fab free massage at the end, loved the tea & coffee at the start, everything was great. Thank you so much for all the info & for such an enjoyable event. I really hope it is on again next year”.

Angeline Cottrill


“I thoroughly enjoyed the revised route and will be taking part again next year if this goes ahead”.

Lisa Bracken


“Many thanks to you and the rest of the team for organising the Love Luton Half Marathon. I can genuinely say that it was one of my favourite races I've done. There was good support around the course”. 

John Clements


“I enjoyed the race and could see the hard work that had been put in. I hope that the race will continue in future years as I would definitely like to return to run it again”.

Annette Russell


“Please pass on my thanks . was a great event. Well marshalled and organised, I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again. I have run for years including half and full marathons. Mistakes happen, we are all human and that certainly should not distract from what a great event it was. Really hoping you do it again ! Many thanks and well done all!”

Katie Gibbons


“Wonderful race today, superbly organised and brilliant support around the course from both marshals and spectators. Thank you and well done!”                        

Mark Brockway


“It was fabulous - knackered but finished just over the 3 hour limit, but not too much & wasn't the last person in which was enough for me. Thank you for all the hard work that went into making this a success & for the friendly marshals & all the people cheering us along, all along the route...”

Mandy Hurrell


We would like to thank and congratulate all of those that took part in the Love Luton Half Marathon on Sunday 27th October. The event was a huge success and saw the runners complete the course that showcased a huge part of our town. We would also like to thank both the residents and local businesses in our town that helped to make this possible.

All images of the event are available to view and purchase here.

A full list of the results can be found here.

A list of the winners in each category can be found here.